Why Maintain?


Why maintain your sports surface?

Whilst the original ‘Astroturf’ pitches were sold on the basis of ‘no maintenance required’, we know that this is not the case and by maintaining your surface regularly, it could increase the life expectancy by up to 50%.

Many surfaces in use today have very little or no maintenance which has lead to premature ageing, even from the first year. Some surfaces have to be replaced within the first five years, but under normal circumstances they should last for at least ten years.

Common problems include incorrect infill levels, and debris blocking the surface, which leads to moss, algae and weed growth. Surfaces also suffer from the infiltration of mud from the surrounding natural grass areas and unclean footwear.

To ensure your surface longevity is maximised, you should adopt a full and comprehensive maintenance programme from the day it is installed. In fact, some synthetic grass manufacturers now insist on a regular maintenance regime to ensure the carpet guarantee remains valid.

Regular surface brushing is recommended to help keep the infill distributed evenly and reduce surface compaction.
Rotary sweeping of the surface will ensure contamination, in the form of carpet fibres, silica dust and general dirt and debris is removed, thus keeping the surface drainage working well. This should be carried out every few months. Intensive moss, algae and weed treatment may also be required on a regular basis. Periodically, surface repairs may be required if seams or cut-in lines become detached.

Acrylic, macadam and polymeric surfaces can all become contaminated with dirt and debris as well as moss, algae and weeds. The surface drainage will be reduced and the surface itself can become slippery underfoot. Regular chemical treatment and power washing will minimise these issues.

A pro-active regime from day one will ensure you get the most from your surface. Contact us to find out more about our maintenance packages