Infill Replacement


Infill replacement is needed after a number of years, even with a maintenance programme in place, sand filled artificial grass surfaces particularly, can become contaminated and compacted.

This results in poor drainage and poor play characteristics. Removal of the sand (and general debris) using our Power Sweep process allows new sand to then be spread and brushed into the carpet leaving the facility as good as new.  This infill replacement process is far more cost effective than the installation of a new surface and can increase the playing life by 50%.

The newer 3G sand and rubber filled surfaces suffer from less compaction than the sand filled ones, however, as the rubber granules are ‘fluid’ they are blown off the pitches by wind or taken out by players in their boots and socks. Periodically additional rubber may be required, which is applied using a towed spreader.

Providing you with a surface which is safe, clean and comfortable for its users