Impervious and porous acrylic surfaces are usually dedicated tennis or MUGA surfaces.

Impervious acrylic is a surface comprising of layers of coloured acrylic laid on a dense macadam base.

In order to assist the shock absorbency, layers of acrylic latex coatings with rubber particles may be applied to the macadam base prior to the application of the acrylic colouring.

Porous acrylic surfaces comprise of a cushioned rubber matting, or pvc mesh, adhered to a porous macadam base. The base mats are then colour coated to give a slip resistant surface.

Both types of acrylic surface require regular maintenance whether indoors or outdoor. The indoor impervious courts should be swept regularly using pedestrian sweepers to remove general dirt, dust and ball fluff.

Periodically, they should also be cleaned using pedestrian scrubber driers to remove spillages and dirt build-up on the surface.

Outdoor acrylic surfaces require regular chemical treatment, ideally twice a year, in the spring and autumn. In addition, the surfaces should be power washed once a year to remove general dirt and detritus.

Perimeter drainage channels on the impervious surfaces should also be jet washed to ensure surface run-off is not hindered.